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Start Your Yogurt Right!

We all know that yogurt may provide essential probiotics that can help maintain proper digestive health. However, all yogurts are not created equal. Store bought yogurts may sit on store shelves for a long time, with decreasing amounts of the friendly bacteria that make yogurt beneficial. Making fresh yogurt at home is the best way to make sure there are enough friendly bacteria to make its way into your intestinal tract. Using Yolife Yogurt Starter in your Yolife Yogurt Maker is the easiest way to make fresh, probiotics-filled yogurt at home.

Yolife Yogurt Starter was created by a team of scientists to provide four types of specially chosen friendly bacteria. These four yogurt strains were selected because of their ability to survive passing through the stomach and into the intestinal tract, where they are able to provide you with the most health benefits. Yogurt made with Yolife Yogurt Starter may help replenish the levels of good bacteria that may have been lost due to antibiotics, excess alcohol, a poor diet, stress, and a number of other common reasons.

Yolife Yogurt Starter is also stored in a non-dairy base so it is suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and those that are lactose intolerant. For a completely dairy free experience, you can use Yolife Yogurt Starter in soymilk or bean milks for creamy yogurts, or nut milks and grain milks for a refreshing liquid yogurt.

Yolife Yogurt Starter is available in two concentrations.

Extra Super-Concentrated Formula
30 g Bottle
Makes up to 320 servings

Super Concentrated Formula
Six 2 g pouches
Makes up to 66 servings
  • Provides fresh yogurt containing billions of the beneficial bacteria naturally occurring in the digestive system

  • Contains ‘friendly’ bacteria specially chosen to survive passing through the stomach and into the intestinal tract where it is most beneficial

  • Helps maintain proper digestive health

  • Makes creamy yogurts from regular milk, soymilk, or bean milks. Makes liquid yogurt from nut and grain milks.

  • Non-Dairy Base