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See what happy owners said about their Yolife Yogurt Maker

Kevin R. – Pico Rivera, CA
I never knew that making yogurt could be so quick and so easy. You can taste the freshness!

Sara C. – Piscataway, NJ
Fresh yogurt is so yummy! It tastes way more natural than the stuff you buy at stores. I like to mix my yogurt into smoothies for breakfast. It tastes great and gives me an energy boost that lasts all day!

Mariel L. – Walnut, CA
I never want to buy yogurt from the store ever again. Ever since I bought my Yolife, I make yogurt with the ingredients that I want.

Joanna L. – Long Beach, CA
I love to make yogurt in Yolife because I can make as much as I want. If I want to make yogurt for myself, I like to use the jars that come with it. If I want to make yogurt for my family, I make it in a larger bowl.

Nathan R. – New York, NY
Yolife is great! Thanks for sticking with the basics and making your jars out of glass!

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