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Making Yogurt

  1. Heat milk or soymilk on low heat while stirring. Turn off heat before milk reaches boiling point (at about 176˚F-185˚F)

  2. Let milk cool until it is lukewarm (about 105˚F)

  3. Activate a small amount of milk by thoroughly mixing in recommended amount of yogurt starter (see yogurt starter package for details) to a small amount of milk until all of the powder is evenly dissolved

  4. Mix in the activated milk into the rest of your milk and stir thoroughly

  5. Pour the mixture into individual glass jars or pour mixture into a larger container (up to 80 oz)

  6. Do not put a lid on the yogurt containers

  7. Place the yogurt container(s) inside Yolife and attach the appropriate cover

  8. Plug in Yolife and set the time indicator to the time you started making your yogurt

  9. Your yogurt should be ready in 8-12 hours if using the small jars, or 12-15 hours if using a larger container from home. Remove when a firm curd is formed.


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