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Yolife FAQ

Product Use Questions

Q: How long does it take to make yogurt in Yolife?


If you are using Yolife Yogurt Starter in the small jars that are included with Yolife, your yogurt will typically be ready in 8-15 hours. However, the time needed to make yogurt depends on many different factors, such as:

  • the quality of the starter or how much starter you put in
  • what type of starter you’re using (starter cultures; store-bought yogurt; homemade yogurt, etc.)
  • what type of milk you’re using
  • what temperature the milk or soymilk is when starting your yogurt
  • if flavorings have been added
  • how large your yogurt container is
Q: Do I need to use the containers that come with the Yolife Yogurt Maker?
A: No. You may use your own container from home. Yolife is the only yogurt maker that provides a tall cover so that you have the flexibility to use the standard jars that come with it, or larger glass or plastic containers up to 80 fl oz at a time.
Q: What kinds of milk will work?
A: Yolife can make creamy yogurt from regular milk (skim, lowfat, or whole) or soymilk. You can also make yogurt drinks from different nut milks or grain milks like almond milk or rice milk. However, yogurt made from nut milks will not solidify because they are not rich in protein.
Q: What can I use to start the yogurt?
A: You will get best results with the Yolife Yogurt Starter. You may also use other yogurt starters, store bought plain yogurt if it has a high concentration of active cultures, or previous batches of homemade yogurt. We don’t recommend using the same homemade yogurt past 3 generations because other types of bacteria may be introduced to your yogurt.
Q: How much starter do I need to put in?
A: Different starters have different concentrations. Always follow the instructions on the package of the starter that you are using.
Q: Can I flavor the yogurt?
A: A: Yes. There are many different flavor options that you can add to your yogurt, including syrups, fresh fruit, cooked fruit, and much more. Visit the recipes page for instructions.
Q: My yogurt has a lot of water in it. What did I do wrong?
A: When making your yogurt, make sure you do not attach the storage lids to the glass jars, or any other type of lid to the containers you are making your yogurt in. To get a thicker/creamier consistency, water needs to evaporate from the containers.
Q: Do I need to boil or scald the milk before making yogurt?
A: You should scald the milk per the operation instructions before putting the milk in your Yolife Yogurt Maker. The milk you are using may contain foreign bacteria that could cause poor results. Scalding the milk before adding your yogurt starter will kill the foreign bacteria and ensure that the friendly bacteria can thrive.
Q: What is the maximum amount of time that I can leave the yogurt in Yolife while it is running?
A: You should remove your yogurt from Yolife within 24 hours of starting your yogurt.
Q: How long will the yogurt last?
A: If stored in the refrigerator, you can keep your yogurt for up to one week.

Product & Technical Questions

Q: What temperature does the Yolife Yogurt Maker maintain?
A: The Yolife Yogurt Maker averages a temperature between 100˚F-110˚F (37.8˚C-43.3˚C).
Q: Does the Yolife Yogurt Maker cook the yogurt?
A: No. The Yolife Yogurt Maker maintains an average temperature between 100˚F-110˚F (37.8˚C-43.3˚C), which is the optimal temperature for the yogurt cultures to grow rapidly. This is not hot enough to ‘cook’ the yogurt.
Q: Does the Yolife Yogurt Maker have a time indicator?
A: Yes. There is a convenient time indicator dial on the top of each cover to remind you when you started your yogurt.
Q: Does the Yolife Yogurt Maker have a timer for automatic shut off?
A: No. Yolife does not have a timer-based automatic shut off because it can take varying amounts of time to make your yogurt depending on how you are making it. If the yogurt maker shuts off before the yogurt is ready, you may see poor results.
Q: Is Yolife Electric?
A: Yes. Yolife requires electricity.
Q: How much power does Yolife use?
A: Yolife does not take a lot of energy. It runs at a low 13 watts.
Q: How long is the warranty?
A: Yolife has a 5 year warranty that covers defects in materials or craftsmanship from the factory. The warranty does not cover damages caused by user error, normal wear-and-tear, or other incidental damages from using the machine. For full warranty details, please refer to your instruction manual.
Q: How big is the large cover?
A: The large cover is 7” tall. You use any container up to an 80 fl oz capacity as long as the large cover can attach securely to the base of the unit.
Q: Does the Yolife Yogurt Maker come with a large container?
A: No. But it comes with a large cover so you can use your larger containers from home. You can purchase a large jar directly from Tribest at www.tribestlife.com, or call us at (888) 254-7336.

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