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Yogurt Maker Comparison Chart

  Yolife Yogurt Maker™ Competitor
Type 1
Type 2
Included Jars 7 Individual 6 oz jars 6 Individual 6 oz jars 1 Container Yolife comes with seven convenient 6 oz glass jars so you can have fresh yogurt every day of the week and includes lids for each jar for convenient storage.
Yogurt Containers Glass jars with plastic lids Plastic jars with plastic lids 1 Plastic Container The Yolife yogurt maker uses glass jars, which are more durable and can withstand higher temperatures than plastic containers. Glass is also widely considered to be a safer material for food storage than plastic.
Temperature Avg. 100°-110°F Avg. 111°-113°F Avg. 104°-118°F The Yolife yogurt maker maintains an average of 100°-110°F creating a controlled environment which allows the friendly bacteria (probiotics) to incubate and grow rapidly.
Dishwasher Safe Yes (glass containers only) No Top shelf Yolife’s glass containers are dishwasher safe.
Reminder Indicator Yes Not Available Auto shutoff countdown timer & sound Yolife comes with a convenient time dial to remind you when your yogurt is ready to eat. Machines with auto-off features may shut off before the yogurt is ready.
Warranty 5 Years 1 Years 3 Years Yolife comes with a 5 year warranty, complete with technical support and customer service for any questions that you may have.
Capacity Can make up to 80 ounces of yogurt or 2.5 quarts Only up to 1.1 quarts 2 quarts Yolife is the only yogurt maker which gives you the option to make either small or large batches of yogurt at a time.
Covers 7” Tall cover and small regular cover 1 Small size cover 1 Small size cover Unlike other yogurt makers, Yolife comes with a 7” tall cover, which lets you to use larger containers from home.
Optional Accessories 64 oz Glass Jar None None Yolife Yogurt Maker’s optional 64 oz Glass Jar lets you to make larger batches of yogurt. Not only is the glass jar dishwasher safe, but it is more durable and heat resistant than plastic containers.